Piedmont Volleyball Club

Refund Policy

There are "NO REFUNDS". No Refunds shall be given for dues, deposits, equipment, etc. Once you have signed the USAV Letter of Commitment OR an Email confirmation of commitment from participant is sent then you are financially committed & responsible for the full amount of the yearly dues and any balance on your account. This includes:

  1. Players choosing not to attend a Multi-Day Tournament. The costs for the event are calculated based on all player's attending and thus cannot be refunded.
  2. Players choosing to leave the program or being removed from the program for disciplinary reasons. Piedmont Volleyball Club is a tryout-based program which means players may have been cut and program costs calculated based on all participants selected.

Exception: Piedmont Volleyball Club will consider special circumstances in the case of a season-ending injury. For more information, please contact the Executive Directors for review. No other exceptions will be considered.